Find your calling | What’s your gifting?

I have always been a huge advocate of finding one's niche. Always been one to tell people to find something they will naturally ace, because it WILL make life easier if you choose a course / find a career that IS your top talent/skill. This mindset of mine prolly stemmed from my dropping Chemistry (a … Continue reading Find your calling | What’s your gifting?

About Money.

Money. Mo-neh. 🏧 How important is it, to you? I was recently asked this question. My immediate answer: VERY important. Okeh wait, wait hold up. Lemme explain a bit. I need to say the above answer. NEED. Cause I know me, and if you know know me, I'm the kind of person that will buy … Continue reading About Money.

Writing for Beginners – Don’t panic!

Here's something for the #freshgrads #rookies. I love to create small spaces to contribute and share knowledge; because then anyone could learn (for free). That person will gain something and most importantly, find it within themselves someday to GIVE BACK. So this is me giving back. If you're a budding writer, an aspiring editor and … Continue reading Writing for Beginners – Don’t panic!

Hello April! 2 more weeks of MCO to go…

How's everyone doing? We're at the halfway point now (yesshh). My butt feels kinda flat (a lot of sitting down lately), but I have been trying to mooove. What I'd do sometimes in the midst of #WFH is to read messages standing up, keep water in another room (so I'll have to constantly walk over … Continue reading Hello April! 2 more weeks of MCO to go…

Ms. ‘Banana’ no more.

Nowadays, my bestie says my Mando skills are better than hers. Hehe. Really wan. But if you do know me; I came from an English school (all 11 years!) and I rarely spoke the Mandarin language growing up - besides a couple of sentences to some close family members. So...apa jadi weih? I am Malaysian … Continue reading Ms. ‘Banana’ no more.